Buffy movie

Sigh. Why is this necessary in life. Apparently the asshat that ruined Buffy in the first place with the nonsense that was Luke Perry is making another “reimagining” of Buffy for “a new generation”. None of the original cast are involved, and as far as I know Joss isn’t involved.

So here’s my prediction: 1) Buffy, played by someone in her 30s with big boobs pretending to be a teenager, engages in some adventure with her “teenager” friends and cheap teenage angst (with monsters) ensues which worked as a show because it’s TV but will not make any goddamn sense to be worth 10$ in a theatre or 2) something non-canon will happen in the timeline after Season 7 with more adult versions of Buffy and her friends (whoever they may be) and cheap adult sex (wth monsters) ensues.

This comes on the heels of some other wtf news. A Twitter TV show? Srsly??!

UPDATE: The Buffy movie is a complete reimagining tangential to the previous Buffy universe. Read: Twilight 2.0 in theatres 2011. Bandwagon, ftw!


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