Kimbo cuts her astrophotography teeth

This morning I got my astrophotography on. The first clear sky in a few days and I was up anyway.

Camera: 8.1 Mpx Sony Cyber-shot (DSC-W90) with settings I’m not too sure of at 4:30 AM but they were probably wrong anyway. Here’s what I think they were — ISO 3200, +2.0 EV, exposure balanced throughout the frame, unlimited focus distance, regular white balance, and maybe some other stuff my camera was doing without me knowing.

Telescope: Celestron refractor telescope, 76mm aperture and 300mm focal length. Description here.

The unplannedness of these pictures plus my epic green with photography contributed in making these photos less than stellar (ha! not at all lame pun — and Jupiter isn’t a star…so not at all a pun…I’m tired), but they are my first so here they are.

Jupiter 1
This blurry Jupiter was captured at 4:30 AM Monday, 25 May 2009.

You can’t see any of the moons, but it’s a start. I think this was my 6 mm eye piece.

Jupiter 2
Jupiter. My second (publishable) picture. I took several — these were the least objectionable.

This was taken at 4:30-something AM Monday, 25 May 2009. I think this was my 20 mm eye piece.


3 responses to “Kimbo cuts her astrophotography teeth

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  2. Your camera has iso-3200??? SHeesh! My fancy-pants DSLR maxes out at 1600! I’m continually amazed at what little point-and-shoot cameras can do (and out perform) compared to DSLRs.

    Also, in order to take a look at the settings: Every digital picture has not only a time/date stamp, but usually a settings stamp too. Right-click the original photos and click Properties –> Details. That should tell you all you need to know (and more).

    Great work! You have embarked on a terribly addictive, rewarding, fulfilling, and expensive hobby. Good luck.

  3. Kimbo Jones

    Dude I don’t even know what ISO-3200 means yet, so I’m going to go ahead and let you be impressed. :)

    Although I don’t think I’m able to control exposure time unless I’m on a certain setting, and if I’m on that setting I can’t change other things. So I have that to figure out. I’ve had this camera for like 2-3 years and I have no idea about most of what it does yet. I’m silly.