Mars Rover Fail

Apparently the rovers may have been accidentally burninating evidence of organic life all this time. [finger in collar]

A common method to detect organic molecules is to burninate the country side and look for characteristic remains in evaporated form. However, perchlorates that were burninated in experiments on Earth left no traces, suggesting that Mars rovers won’t be able to find these compounds with this method. Other compounds might have the same problem so they may have been missing other organics with this method, too. The good news: This means NASA gets to invent a new way to find organic compounds on Mars! Yay science!

So the lack of compounds found on Mars may be less “they aren’t there” and more “oops”. One solution, set to be implemented on 2016, is to heat the compounds in water so they can’t burn away.

4 responses to “Mars Rover Fail

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  2. I have never heard the term burninate before..and I can’t find and references to it…what is it?

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