Me wanty

I still get astronomy/physics-related news emails from my old astronomy prof and in one there was a description of a deal for a little Celestron telescope for sale at Atlantic Photo Supply — on Spring Garden Road for you Haligonians. Not the best telescope ever, but sturdy and reliable enough to get me started. Seeing as how the telescope I want will take me 5-10 years to justify buying what with student loans and babies and all that nonsense, I figured I could go without that much longer (hey I waited over 20 years as it is, what’s another 5 or so, right?) or I could give in to my baser urges and just buy the little sucker.

This way I get to practice so I don’t break my awesometastic one when I get it and I get to satiate my hunger for braaaaaaains…I mean stars. Also, if it holds up long enough, I have a “family” scope that the kids will actually be allowed to touch, which would be just awesome.

I just got it today, but it’s all aligned and set to go so maybe tonight I can scam some pictures if there’s not too much cloud cover like last night and if the Halifax light pollution cooperates a little bit. Over 20 years of waiting for this moment…and tonight it happens. Tee hee! You here me, sky?! You just sit there and look pretty and no one has to get hurt.


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