Daniel Hauser might die

Apparently, Daniel Hauser and his mother have fled. Daniel is a 13 year-old boy with cancer who, after one chemo treatment, began refusing treatments in favour of treatments promoted by his mother’s religious group, the nemenhah. So now he gets to fight off swine flue with a magic bean whilst he fights off his cancer with a magic potion that won’t make him barf but won’t make his cancer go away either (as demonstrated by recent scans that showed his tumor had grown after quitting chemo and going with the “natural” therapy).

Although his death might make a good point about how far off the rails this “big med” paranoia has gone, unlike Jenny McCarthy I don’t want this kid to die to make that point. I hope the authorities find Daniel and his mother before anything irreversible happens to him. I hope he undergoes effective treatment for his cancer and he survives. That would make the point nicely.

I’m rooting for you, kid.

Meanwhile…here’s some perspective.


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