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So I watched the finale of Lost last week and got caught up in life stuff and didn’t blog about it. I also missed a few episodes in between. Oops. Anyway, here is my last Lost post for this season.

***** HERE BE SPOILERS ***** after the jump.


After a rather lackluster season (get over it, Lost fans — it kinda sucked), the finale finally brought some of the feeling back that I was watching Lost. I missed that feeling so I sort of chased it for this episode. Although I’m still annoyed at the “stick things that viewers remember from previous seasons into current events as if it’s creative” nonsense (seriously it’s reaching Family Guy “You think that’s bad? Remember that time…” proportions), the rest of the episode had enough traditional elements in it to remind me that I was watching Lost. I used to be excited every week for Lost to come on. We used to have our friends over every week and have a Lost night. Summer hiatus was torture. Lately…..not so much. So this episode was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the last season.

However, Jacob? wtf? I mean really, when you think about it, nothing was answered in this show. For example, we find out “why” Richard doesn’t age (not what the purpose is, but that Jacob did it), but we don’t find out how that’s possible. So really we found out nothing. I mean we can see that he doesn’t age, he followd Jacob so that’s probably related, and then we “find out” that yes, everything we expected was true, but what does that mean. They did manage to capture the spirit of previous Lost episodes, but this is a finale episode and all they did was manage to stick in eleventy-one more coincidences into a storyline. We get it, writers. You’re clever. Much cleverer than we. Can you please tell a story now?

Regardless…here’s what I think is going on so far. We’ll see if it turns out to be the case.

1) Jack et al. will be thrust into the “present” (i.e., where Sun et al. are). Jacob: “They are coming”.

2) The explosion will in fact have been cause of the plane crash and will necessitate the hatch. The whole point was that an accident was supposed to happen to destabilize the “rift” thing, and it did. Some of the nuclear blast may have been absorbed by the weirdness of the magnetic “rift” thing (i.e., maybe it has other properties). Let’s just say if the timeline is screwed with at all, I’m going to be pissed. “Finally a show does time travel right”, I said. They better not screw it up just to avoid a time loop (which will be avoided if they are returned to the “present”).

3) I think Mojo may be right about this: Jacob and his buddy (possibly the smoke monster in the form of Locke?) are caught in a time loop or are trapped on the island in some other way and they are trying to escape. However, they are truly screwed if everything that happened, happened. Unless they are like The Doctor and are fixed points in time — where they can escape by trapping the others or by some other mechanism.

4) Hurley is more important than we think he is.

We’ll see how this plays out, but as with most things that have hype — I’m expecting major disappointment. Probably not a good attitude, but the last 2 seasons have not given me reason to have faith.


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