WoW Insider Fail

WoW Insider has some really great information. Like really. Sometimes way over my head advanced, awesome information. But sometimes they just really shit the bed. For instance. Some poor bastard is having the same trouble with his guild that everyone has and got the same generic “advice” that everyone gets.

Essentially it boils down to this: WoW is really complimicated, my guild is way advanced, I’m not a n00b but I’m not as good as they are. How do I 1) be not such a dumbass at raids and 2) get my guild to help with content that will get me what I need gearwise to not wipe every single boss fight?

The “advice” always consists of this: learn stuff, do stuff, and make a list of gear. Oh gee thanks, WoW gods. That’s super helpful. </sarcasm>

Here’s why such generic advice is lame:

Learn stuff. I can read about being a hunter all day every day until my head explodes and it will not help me be as good as the hunters who’ve been playing this game for like 8 years. At this stage in the game, class details are so advanced and complicated that you practically need a degree in WoW to understand it.

One of the best ways to learn how to do stuff is experience, and that doesn’t solve the impatient guild problem. How do people play a hunter good enough for raiding, for example, given the fact that reading is generally helpful yet not practically helpful and given that people have school or full-time jobs to go to in real life and can’t dedicate 40 hours a week to absorbing ridiculous amounts of complicated information? You might as well say “quit life and study hunters professionally because that is the only way you’re going to understand non-linear stacking buffs and where the hell to stand during X boss fight.

Do stuff. I would love to go do dungeons. You know the problem though? “What’s your DPS?” I get asked that constantly, and other players get asked their main important stat (ex: healing) and if it’s “not high enough” based on the group leader’s Google University Degree, you’re not in (or you’re the group leader and you’re mocked). How do you get high enough? You do dungeons. How do you do dungeons when no one will do them with you because of your alleged crappy stats and gear? Well, that is the question.

For someone who doesn’t spend 24 hours a day playing WoW, it feels like you’re always one step behind everyone else. Even though I hit 80 pretty quickly, I didn’t play professionally and I haven’t been playing for 8 years so I felt really out of my element sometimes and it seemed like I was ready to do content after everyone had already moved on to the next level of difficulty. How does the average WoW player find a guild that will do stuff? That is the ultimate question of day-to-day play, and it cannot be answered with “find a guild that is right for you”. If we could do that, we wouldn’t be asking how!

And frak you snobs who say that the average WoW player isn’t a “real” WoW player — Blizzard is a business. Importance is measured in dollars.

Make a list of gear. I can make lists or stats and gear until my hands fall off but that will not help me physically obtain gear. If my guild is not interested in doing the content that will get me that gear, and I can’t find a guild that is interested, I’m screwed. How do people obtain pre-raid gear given that 1) WoW’s guild system is unorganized and you basically have to guild-shop on individual websites for as long as you’re spending researching your class and 2) all guilds say the same thing “we’re really helpful and blah blah blah” so you have to try them out to be sure anyway, which wastes your time? I know exactly what gear I need. Unfortunately, no one wants to help me get it.

My suggestion to WoW: enable an in-game guild sorting system such that when guilds register they can register themselves as not recruiting or recruiting and then tag themselves with certain keywords to indicate their “level of play” (for example: “doing Naxx only” or “Burning Crusade content” etc).

Sorry, WoW Insider. That advice was fail. Generic and bland fail.

One response to “WoW Insider Fail

  1. Have a look at max dps website, it doesnt only give a list of best in slot it gives around 20 alternatives many of which are crafted, honour or reputation based.

    For Heroic dungeons you can basically buy gear quite cheap for entry level. If you are a plate wearer then all you need is plenty of saronite ore for some half decent items (item level 187 i think).

    Through Heroics you and rep you can kit yourself out in level 200 items which with enchants prepares you for 10 main raids.

    I like yourself aint exactly a professional player but I am really digging the options available to gear up and there is a vissible step/ladder you will have to climb to get to the destination(Uldar).

    If like me you are part of a small guild then you will certainly find it harder to gear up but not impossible. I usually manage to PuG at least one heroic a night if im on and if i dont get a drop i at least get rep from a tabard and badges to buy level 200 items. It really is just about patience and how much effort you yourself are willing to put in.

    Anyway hope this is helpful for you, stick in and you will get rewards