Who’s (fake) honouring me now? Maybe?

I’m linked in the sidebar on a blog called “The Good Kentuckian“. I have the honour of being listed under the heading “Atheists & Homosexuals – Evil Intertubes Run By Demons”, indicating correctly that I am a homosexual, an atheist, evil, an intertube, and a run by demons. At least I managed to narrowly escape the most damning label of all: “liberal”. [Shudder.] I can’t even imagine the label I would have been under if middle name was also Hussein…

But as with most sites like this I was having a hard time telling whether or not it’s really a poe site. So, let’s take a tour.

I was alerted to this blog’s presence due to a huge list under the “links to this post” section from my most recent post (because that’s the post that shows up in the sidebar…so those links might move to this post once it’s published). I just said “post” a lot. Anyway, so I poked around there for a while.

First let’s look at the other sidebar labels:

1) Blogs of Patriotic Christians
2) Regional Blogs – May or May Not be Evil
3) America-Hating Blogs to Watch Closely (which includes Pharyngula and Skepchick).
4) The Worst Human Beings Alive – They’re Going to Hell (which includes the ACLU).
5) Atheists & Homosexuals – Evil Intertubes Run By Demons (which also includes The Friendly Atheist — I’m honoured to be included in the same category as such a great blog).
6) Feminazi Nation of Christ-Haters (which of course includes Feministing).
7) Intertubes for Science & Reason – They’re All Going to Hell! (which includes Science Based Medicine).
8) Godless Heathens and/or Traitors to America (which includes Quackwatch, Snopes, and What’s the Harm).

Wow. I subscribe to a lot of the blogs he listed there and now I’m alerted to some other potentially great blogs. I’m amazed that I made it onto the radar with these awesome people.

Damning evidence to the “they’re serious” theory:
1) There’s an atheist “A” with a link to the out campaign.
2) A link to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with the “warning”: Click above only of your soul is strong.
3) A frigging link to a countdown to the alleged 2012 “apocalypse”. Blatant irony.
4) Many of the blogs under his first category are not hyper-Christian blogs.
5) Many of his followers seem like rational people.

Evidence for the “they’re serious” theory (or, thought of more correctly, further evidence of irony):
1) A link to Wikiality.
2) An article (one of probably several, I didn’t look that hard) about Obama that emboldens and superfonts his middle name with every single mention.
3) Everything else.

This is a very very convincing parody. In fact, this is one the best fakeries of fundie-ism I have ever seen. If you want a laugh, check it out.

Bravo, sirs and madams. You win the internets. Thanks for the link.


2 responses to “Who’s (fake) honouring me now? Maybe?

  1. Norma Jean Hatfield-McCoy

    Howdy, darlin!

    I’m sorry about the all them links that showed up; I think the gays of blogspot done that when I added your site to my blogroll (so as proper Christians will know who to pray for).

    But if’n it allows poor, directionless atheists to my blog where they’ll accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, then I reckon it will be worth it.

    I will pray for your soul, that Jesus in His mercy will see fit not to sentence you to an eternity in the fiery pits of hell.

    Glory, glory hallelujah!

    -Norma Jean

  2. Ooops; I made a comment without reading your full post. Poor Harriet is easily confused. :-)