Star Trek 11

As some people call it…

Though after seeing it I’m not sure the “11” is necessarily fair. This is not typical Star Trek material.


I saw Star Trek last night. Let me begin by saying it was awesome. So don’t let my nit-picks detract from my compliments. I thought it was so good I wished I’d gone to an earlier show so I could watch it again.

The casting was good. I felt Winona Ryder as Spock’s mother was a bit of a distraction, though. In her first scene there were so many mutters I felt like making an announcement “Attention everyone. Yes, that is Winona Ryder.” Also, I don’t recall, but in the movie did they ever even say her character’s name (Amanda)? Anyway, other than that I thought the casting suited the characters.

Clever the way they engineered things so that they can do whatever they want with the plot from now on without having to retcon the shit out of everything. This is a new universe that for some reason the characters are totally ok with leaving the way it is even though blowing up one star in the past would solve everything and leaving it means that an entire species is nearly extinct and over 6 billion Vulcans are dead. But I nit-pick…

The plot was a tad thin. Like I said, Nero is kind of 1) a douche and 2) an idiot for waiting around for 25 years for revenge instead of finding the star that went supernova and blowing it up in the past so that Romulus never gets destroyed in the first place. So Vulcan would be fine and Romulus would be fine. The way its left also creates a paradox, unless Nero’s actions have now doomed Romulus. Because someone has to blow up the supernova eventually. But then Star Trek never really was that good at time travel.

The science was so-so. I’ll defer to Phil Plait on this one since he already did a thorough job discussing that. The big honking McGuffin (“red matter”? what the hell is that?!) was a little frustrating, but I was too distracted by the awesome of everything else to get uppity about it. But who cares about the science? That’s not why I was there. I was there to see me some Star Trek and I got that in spades.

The homages to the original series were well-done and appreciated. One thing that Star Trek needs is light-hearted humor. It’s not a Batman-style story. Even though a bunch of crazy shit happens all the time, the characters have fun in the face of it. Many of the “in-jokes” got big laughs and they were incorporated in such a way that 1) they weren’t a distraction and 2) if you didn’t get them, the scene was still a scene of its own so you weren’t lost.

******SPOILERS OVER******

Whatever lame shit you’re expecting because this is Star Trek is not in this movie, I can guarantee. They’ve changed enough so that someone jumping in for the first time can enjoy this movie. They may not get all the in-jokes, but that’s not what makes the movie anyway. There’s no hammy Shatner (much to his chagrin), and that’s reason enough to see it in itself. Just kidding, I love the Shat…in an ironic sort of way.

Anyway, go check it out. It’s worth a measily 10 bucks. Expecially after the shitfest (so I’m told — I didn’t see it myself) of Wolverine.

One response to “Star Trek 11

  1. I think this will do very good at the box office, so far, alot of people who werent original fans of the star trek movies, have enjoyed this.

    I see this as being the ‘cross over’ movie for the general public entering into the star trek world..