Fundie Friday: VenomFang X-ed?

There’s some weird business going down with VenomfangX these days. His account has been closed on YouTube. Not suspended. Closed. Also, his website has been taken down and there is a message saying that his parents have closed it because they don’t agree with his views. Hmm…what is going on here?

The gist of it is: VFX’s parents allegedly caught him committing fraud and finally decided to parent him for a change. This video also summarizes the situation nicely (and to most excellent music).

Essentially this is the timeline:

1) VFX asks for donations via PayPal that he said were going to be donated to a Children’s hospital in Toronto. Fans donate. He makes money.

2) VFX posts several videos asking for money for various reasons. The reasons change over time and the intended use for the money also changes. Details can be found here.

3) VFX basically commits theft [see video notes, as well] involving 2 PayPal accounts and the sick kid money. I want to barf, and so do even some of his former (hopefully) followers [see #4].

4) VFX posted a video on his YouTube account claiming that his parents had received death threats from Muslims. [Seeing as how he has a history of lying about threats, I am skeptical of this claim and wonder if he made that up in an attempt to make Muslims look bad.] He stated that because of this, and because his parents do not support his religious views, he will no longer be posting on YouTube. He apologizes for offending anyone.

5) VFX’s YouTube account was closed.

6) VFX’s website was shut down, apparently by his parents (with no mention of death threats). There is also an apology in that note for having caused “offense”.

7) VFX apparently starts a new YouTube account under the clever and elusive pseudonym “VenomFangX1” and immediately begins uploading videos as of 6 May, 2009. As of this writing, there are 29 videos on this account featuring PCS, all of them added within the last few days. Not too terribly concerned about his parents’ well-being then, perhaps… [Unless it’s not him. None of the videos are new.]

So VFX marches on?

I feel bad for this kid — wanton destruction of reason and apparent criminal activity notwithstanding. It’s possible he’s just a brat, but something may be terribly wrong in his life to illicit this behaviour. I am skeptical that his parents are involved without outside supporting evidence. VFX has a history of lying and orchestrating dramatic gestures to get what he wants (and possibly fill some pathological need that is not being met otherwise) so the parental persecution may be a part of his web of lies, for all I know. Is this a cry out to his parents?

Shawn, if you’re reading this:

I don’t want to turn on the news in 10 years to see your cult compound being burned to the ground by the Canadian equivalent of the ATF, killing you and 30 or so additional — otherwise innocent — people. Nor do I want to read reports of your suicide.

I’m not saying this because you are religious. Many people are religious. Although illogical, that doesn’t automatically mean they need help. I suspect that you, due to the behaviour I have observed, may need the help of a professional. If God existed, I doubt he would want you to be so angry and intolerant. And if he does exist and want those things, he’s a dick and doesn’t deserve such devoted allegiance. Jesus was reportedly a kind, caring man. Such a man would not approve of this behaviour.

Edit: To clarify, should the threats turn out to be true this time (which I doubt), I sincerely hope that neither Shawn nor his family have been or will be harmed in any way. Disagreement is no excuse for threats. I also made some edits and added links for clarity as more information became available to me about this disturbing and borderline (at best) sociopathic .

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