Lost Live Blog – "The Variable"

Or: “How I learned to stop worrying and love bullshit changes in continuity.”

HERE BE SPOILERS, YAR! (I say why wait for talk like a pirate day?)

Daniel: “Whatever happened, happened…unless I make up some arbitrary rule about ‘variables’ and how because people vary we can change things. Even though people ‘vary’ around constants and changing these variables would also necessitate changes in these so-called ‘constants’ that I identified as — definitely 100% first rule of the universe and everything — unchangeable before (i.e., events, memories, the arrangements of atoms and particles in the universe).”

Thus is the science of Daniel. Thus is the frustration of Lost. Since they effectively eliminated some suspense in saying “whatever happened, happened”, they had to come up with some bullshit reason to make things suspenseful again. Just like they come up with bullshit reasons within episodes to extend the suspense of things to maddening ends. “No, I can’t tell you now, that would make sense and be convenient. I’ll tell you later. I sure hope I don’t inevitably get shot before that. See ya!”

Plus 10 points for calling that Whitmore is his dad. But I’m having such a hard time of keeping track of what information I knew when, it’s possible I found this out in a previous episode and forgot that I knew it. Plus another 5 points for calling that his mother shot him.

If I wasn’t so masochistic in my investment in knowing how a story ends no matter how frustrating the journey, I would have given up on this show long ago. This is getting rigoddamndiculous.


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