JREF is back

YouTube has apparently restored the JamesRandiFoundation account. I will update this post when/if more details become available for why it was shut down in the first place. Apparently there were complaints (word on the street is it was someone from Harpo) about a few videos. I was under the impression that YouTube’s policy was to delete the offending videos, not the entire account. In any case, the account is restored with the “offending” videos removed.

Also AtheistMedia was apparently shut down a while ago, so the timing (i.e., JREF being gone made people aware of other accounts that were gone) was a coincidence.

Still no idea what happened to RRS. Although, it has been shut down before because of Uri Geller so who knows what fun story that might turn out to be. Hopefully not as straight-forwardly boring as the JREF’s take-down. :) Just kidding. The RRS site hasn’t seen much action in about a year, so maybe they simply aren’t on top of these things anymore.

Anyway… Welcome, back JREF! I’m genuinely glad it wasn’t something more serious and sinister. Being systematically silenced for atheist and/or skeptical views is way more terrifying than some analcrat legitimately filing a complaint.

Oh yeah. One more thing. To all the “we should get them back just as bad” folks: I bet you’re glad you didn’t do that now, seeing as how this was a legitimate complaint. Showing support by mirroring videos and writing YouTube is one thing, but launching outright attacks based on assumptions is another. I for one was pretty freaked out that this was a silencing effort, but the fact was I had no evidence yet to confirm that fear. If we let fear and anger guide our decisions over rationality, leading us to attack other people, we’re no better than the creationist votebots and illegal DMCA shit-disturbers at YouTube.

UPDATE: Agreed. Excessive.


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