Lost Live Blog: Whatever Happened, Happened

Ok by the title I think we’ve already cleared up some of the suspense from last week. Let’s see where they take this…. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!

6:30 I never thought I’d see you again? Is this supposed to be a clue to some other coincidence, or is this another thing from seasons past that I don’t remember?

7:25 Well at least the experience didn’t make you bitter. [stink eye]

10:45 Oh, how convenient. Ben is shot and can’t talk and wouldn’t admit what he did anyway, and Jack is the new guy. Gee, I wonder who will get the blame…

11:10 You know what a better question would have been to the janitor father of the kid who was shot by the escapee? “Where are your keys?” Yes, that would have been an excellent fucking question Mr. “How’s he doing?”

11:20 Bahahaha. Well, at least Sawyer’s not entirely an idiot.

14:10 “Then he dies.” Except he doesn’t, so stop being a dick.

15:20 “I’ve already saved Ben once, so back off bitches.” [I cleaned it up a little.] Good point.

17:50 Who’s job was it to go through each every day object used in that camp to stick the Dharma Initiative symbol on it? I mean seriously. The scrubs, the food, the vehicles…the underwear? the Q-tips? the toilet paper?

19:35 No you didn’t already have that conversation because you’re having it right now. From the perspective of past you, you have that conversation, but why would you reference from a previous you? Referencing from your own subjective timeline, rather than the general objective timeline, keeps things reeeeeeal simple. So no, he doesn’t know what you’re going to say next because only the 2 of you are there and you didn’t write it down.

19:50 Exactly.

20:20 When did Hurley become this much of an infuriating moron? Or is he taking a piss from this guy?

21:05 Sigh…. Uh oh, I just had a terrifying thought. I really hope they don’t do some stupid communication bit between the past and the future. I’ll let them get away with it if its in a place they never were before and it’s the past communicating to the future only, but if they go all Frequency with this and things are appearing from thin air in the future, I’m going to lose my shit.

23:05 Well this is a bad plan… Carrying a medically unstable dying kid through the jungle in real life = death; on TV = exciting plot twist.

27:35 He’s calling her Freckles again…

29:35 “No matter what a kid grows up to be, it’s wrong to let a kid die.” I think there’s about 6 million or so Jews who would not necessarily share that sentiment…

32:10 And even though I’m soaking wet, I’m going to put my shirt on…

38:55 Vi-o-liiiiiins, to indicate saaaaadnessssss…

38:15 Followed by the tiny piano of sadness…

40:40 Way to sound creepy there, Alpert. “He’ll forget this and his innocence will be gone….because I’m going to rape him.”

42:45 Buh? Ok, so that was inexplicably out of context. I think Locke only said that because it made sense from the audience’s point of view but was he really meant was “hey, you woke up.”

I dunno… I arbitrarily grade this episode B+


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