Peekaru – It’s like stupid product month or something

Seriously. Anyway, Peekaru is like a Snuggie (a.k.a. the wtf blanket) for you and your baby. It’s a baby carrier that’s also a sweater! Why? I have no fucking idea. I don’t even want to imagine the mechanics of getting this on before your autumn morning park walk. But my favorite part is this:

It’s not so much a kangaroo sack as it is your own personal Kuato. Open your mind to me, mommy! Open your miiiiiiind…

Also a great way to still look pregnant after you’ve had your baby. So that’s a plus. You inventors keep reaching for that rainbow.

UPDATE: Just look.


2 responses to “Peekaru – It’s like stupid product month or something

  1. Call me Paul

    That is seriously one of the most creepy photographs I have ever seen.

  2. steveisgood

    I see you already beat me to the Total Recall reference (“Quaaaaaaiiiid…..start the reactor!!!”), but is it too late to make an Alien reference? The woman kind of looks like Sigourney Weaver…..and the kid looks about as creepy as a human can….without being a catholic priest surrounded by a bunch of alter-boys, at least.