YouTube shit the bed


I don’t know why yet, but the JREF YouTube account has been suspended. Yeah I pretty much wtf-ed all over myself, too.

To complain show support go here. To mirror a “protest” video on your YouTube account go here to download the video and upload it to your YouTube account. Please put the instructions on how to do so in your notes like so. Thanks.

Sigh. That an EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION can be banned on this site now is too ridiculous for much comment. Just go. Complain. And sigh.

UPDATE: The interwebs are abuzz. Also, many mirrors have already appeared. Keep it up.

UPDATE #2: Apparently Rational Response has also been suspended. And Atheist Media. [Apears to be not a thing anymore. Atheist Media can still be found here. So there’s that, anyway.] SIGH.

UPDATE #3: I sent in another complaint to YouTube after my initial complaint about the JREF:

It appears that not only has JamesRandiFoundation been suspended, but also AtheistMedia and RationalResponse — and possibly others. This sends the message that there has possibly been a flagging campaign against these accounts from those who do not appreciate their shared message. I hope that YouTube will rectify this immediately.

UPDATE #4: Ok everyone. Calm down. 1) Phil Plait is on the case. He assures that details will come. Sit tight. 2) Please don’t make the assumption that the JREF wants or appreciates any kind of “retribution” for this. Be proactive, but civil.


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