Fundie Friday: Unfortunate 13 year-old…

This is a hard one because it’s a real person and it’s a child. And I genuinely do not mean to be insulting. She is an example of why I sometimes fear to admit I’m an atheist and why I fear the world may one day spiral down to a place where we can’t say and do as we please because a particular group thinks they have all the answers as to how we should live our lives. I’m not bothered because she is religious, but because of how she is religious.

She is an eloquent, bright, judgmental, hyper-Christian 13-year-old. At 5:36 of the video, her brother “tells a lie” (jokes about his feelings for his sisters). This is significant because lying makes you a bad person, as Deborah explains in the beginning of the video. Her description of male/female relationships (starting at 10:33) and everything in the next video (will start automatically) is…unnerving. She says all people are wretched and deserve to go to hell. She looks around her and can’t imagine how all of the beauty of the Earth came out of an explosion, so clearly that means it was intelligently designed. After that I had a hard time to keep going. It truly makes me deeply, deeply ashamed and sad that there are people in the world who spread this sort of “education” to each other, leading them to believe such vile things as “people are wretched and deserve to go to hell” and to credit God for all the good we do.

People are not wretched. Some people do some wretched things sometimes, but people aren’t wretched. She is a bright girl and I hope with time and appropriate guidance she can lighten up her view of her fellow human beings and spread joy and charity, not judgment.

Go read her blog. She has a post about the scientific method and perhaps could use some guidance in this regard (some POLITE, helpful guidance such as this and this).


4 responses to “Fundie Friday: Unfortunate 13 year-old…

  1. WoodEngineer

    Heres the scariest part of these types of people…(somewhat alarming extremist Christian forum)

  2. Hello. I just stumbled upon your blog, and see that you are from Halifax! I went to school there and currently live in Cape Breton. I’m glad to read blogs from Canadian skeptics!

    Your post about the christian 13 yr old is very interesting. I too feel sorry that there are people who take such a poor view of people, and they justify this with their religion. I hope she eventually learns that maybe not all people are wretched and deserve to go to hell! Not that there is one…

  3. Welcome to the blog, ceespotbee, and thanks for your comment!

  4. Yikes… that makes my head hurt.. and my heart a bit as well.

    I am with you in hoping she mellows out her views down the road…