Lost live blog: Namaste

Sorry I missed the last one, I was on vacation. Onward. And as usual, SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS (don’t say you weren’t warned).

5:20 How did a handful of people get sucked back in time and not the rest? Why only some of the Oceanic 6 and not the rest? I could see the whole 6, like if they all had weird island particles on them or something, but how did the island choose just a few of them?

7:35 Hurley once again says what we’re all thinking “uh, what?”

8:12 Apparently no more time dilation…

12:32 Poor Jin…hears his wife’s back but she’s stuck 30 years from then. How come only Jack, Kate, and Hurley got the blast to the past? Or a blast to 1977 anyway.

13:32 Poor Sun…hears her husband is alive and she’s stuck with Ben.

15:02 This loud Hispanic stereotype is either the annoying character fodder to create needless conflict, or he has an agenda.

16:02 So Jack, Kate, and Hurley got pushed through time and space. They woke up on the correct island did they not?

17:15 Ok Ethan’s a pretty common name there, Juliet. Oh who am I kidding? It’s Lost. It’s totally that Ethan.

19:00 Finally. Jack didn’t pull any of his macho shit and just listened to Sawyer for a change. He should do drugs and then quit for like 8 hours more often. It’s mellowed him out.

19:50 Jin. Seriously. Chill. You’re going to kill someone or be annoying and fuck up the plan.

20:25 Oh, so Sayid makes it to the past too. What do they all have in common that Sun doesn’t? Maybe it’s cause she’s not pregnant like she was when she first came to the island, so it didn’t “recognize” her. Or maybe I think too much.

20:45 Sayid looks genuinely alarmed there, but he was in the military so he should totally get why Jin changed his tune when the other dude showed up.

24:16 It annoys me when because “swearing is evil” people in shows have to skirt around obvious reactions like “It’s Sayid.” “Sayid? Shit!” Why is “son of a bitch” acceptable, and “shit” is banned? Lame.

24:17 So maybe that guy’s instruments didn’t detect the crash because they are dumb and only monitor that one island and not the other one too. So maybe they are all 30 years ago. That would make waaaay more sense. Except the other 4 being coincidentally “sucked” from the plane – it’s like how much more sense could that make? And the answer is none. None more sense. (See what I did there?)

29:06 For a second there I thought Juliet did something evil…I guess that’s what I was supposed to think. Gah! I hate when they suck me in. By the way, what’s with the creepy guy from Mulholland Drive?

30:30 Man, this guy is like a human version of Worf. “What’s that?” “I dunno. Let’s shoot it!”

32:56 Probably just an animal?! Sun, are you frigging kidding me? WHERE ARE YOU? “Oh right, it’s probably the smoke monster or someone acting crazy and wielding a gun.”

33:56 Whaaaaat? Ok was that the Dharma camp that was in ruins or somewhere else? When/where the hell are they?

34:49 Ok so they aren’t in 1977. I was right the first time.

36:23 So you know Sayid is like “whaaaat the fuuuuuck?”

40:23 “We’re not supposed to know each other….but I’ll totally hug you in my illuminated doorway for all to see, anyway.”

41:08 Ok a bunch of Oceanic people showed up and I’m so good at acting natural that I’m going to go home and read a book. Riiight. And I’m not going to keep an eye on Sayid at all even though the Dharma people think he’s a hostile. Fail.

42:13 Bahahahaha. Looks like Jack was as perplexed about Sawyer’s ambivalence as I was. Personally I think he got a little too comfortable there with his relatively normal job and relatively normal life. Ooooooh, he’s thinking. So, how many years before Ben kills everyone?

43:03 Wow. Jack is soooo not interested in arguing with Sawyer, but Sawyer seems to feel the need to push Jack’s buttons.

43:36 Random Dharma Employee “How come LaFleur and Juliet keep casting knowing glances at 3 of the new people?”

43:38 Oh look it’s child Ben. Looks like it’ll be a few years yet.

44:23 Check out those glasses. Totally Ben.

44:53 “I’m Ben”…well duh. Please tell me Sayid isn’t accidentally responsible for endearing Ben to the “hostiles” and killing everyone. And even though Ben is also a common name, because we’re watching Lost, yes it’s that Ben.


I was entertained this week. I feel like we’re actually getting close to knowing something, although I’m still frustrated as hell the way they keep slowly dicking us around. Can you imagine if they were still on full seasons? Man alive.


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