Crazy post lady stinking up Pharyngula…crazy similar people stinking up our lives

There’s a douchebean over at Pharyngula making an asshat of herself, who may be up for elimination because of posts like these. Behold my deconstruction of one of her posts because it is such a common “argument”.

Posted by: Barb | March 13, 2009 4:28 PM

Just being human, Janine, makes you, me and the rapist all the same at the foot of the cross –sinners. All sin needs to be rejected at the first thought. I’d bet most anything –if I were a betting person –that you aren’t intrinsically, exclusively attracted to women without ability to be attracted to a male. and if you are, I would think there was a reason having to do with your parents or with molesters –some sin toward you by others.

Ooooh, Janine’s not gay. She just thinks she’s gay because she was molested or, um, had parents? Newsflash for Barb: If someone thinks they are attracted to people of the same sex and not people of the opposite sex, that is homosexuality. So I’m not even sure what her argument is. She’s trying to incite cause for something already known to be true, and it’s the causes she’s invoking that are insulting and wrong. The end result is the same – gay people exist. Deal with it. Coming up with some ridiculous reasoning or talking yourself into believing that no one is really gay is not going to change reality.

Regardless, there was a time of first thought and attraction that should be resisted the same way anyone is to resist any other temptation to do wrong. It is counter-productive and against nature and perverse to have sex with same-sex friends –it is to be a taboo –same as incest, adultery, rape, pedophilia, etc. A thought to NOT entertain in the brain.

The difference is that in incest, adultery, rape, and pedophilia, someone is hurt by someone else. In a consenting homosexual relationship, no one is any more hurt than in a consenting heterosexual relationship. This is comparing apples to a TARDIS. Forget oranges, this drivel is waaaaay past oranges. The only people “hurt” by these relationships are bigots who don’t approve of homosexuality.

NOt that consensual sex between two adults of the same sex is the same LEVEL of violation as those which involve a non-consensual partner –of course it is not. But with God, there are no gradations of sin –the arrogant and smug law-keeper is a sinner in God’s sight, and He has harsh words for those who think of themselves as better than others.

Let’s assume for a second this is true. Let’s assume that my speaking to a woman on the rag is the same “grade” of sin as rape. All that does is make God a hugely unreasonable dick. Not a being at all worthy of my worship no matter what bullying he’ll ensure is done to me after my death. And, in fact, there are gradations of sin. Now, I’m no longer a Christian, but I heard that God picked 10 of his favorites to send down because they were so very important above all others. You know what’s not on the list? Go on. Guess.

We are all sinners –but we are supposed to agree with Him about our status as sinners, our need for justification through repentance and faith in Christ, and we are to agree with our Maker about what IS sin and what is not. The only sex sanctified by the Bible is that between a man and his wife. All the rest is wrong for us.

It must be wonderful to live in such a bubble of ignorance, completely ignoring what’s going on in the rest of the world. People are having sex all over the place. Right now, as I’m typing, MILLIONS of people are getting down. Many of those people are not married. Many of those people are gay. Not in Barb’s world though. In her world, the husbands say “let’s go” and the wives turn the lights off and cry – or something. No thanks. I’m going to continue to have fun because this is the only life I have and I’ve got to have all the sex I possibly can before I’m too decrepit to bother.

We were built for sex. That’s why we’re here. We’re organisms and we want to multiply. But we’re also social and we want to do pleasurable things with each other for fun. Wrong? What’s wrong is that God allegedly built us this way in the first place, just to tell us not to be this way as some sort of deranged “test”. Again, not a God worthy of my allegiance.

Look, I like some Christians. There are lots of churches that have community events, are very involved in philanthropic endeavors in their local community and elsewhere, and are effective social networks for many people. But I don’t like when people are ignorant. Barb, and people like her, are shamefully ignorant. Plain and simple. No amount of good can outweigh the damage caused by ignorance and attempting to force that ignorance on others. No amount of good outweighs the idiocy of passing judgment on people in the name of God in the same breath as saying judgment is up to God and no lesser being.

So another thing that good Christians should add to their do-gooder list is educating people like Barb. I will gladly welcome any reasonable Christian who does not tolerate hate and ignorance into my limited supply of respect. If you want to incur the wrath of non-religious groups, keep up the ignorance and hate. If you want us to leave you alone, serve your function: Be good to others rather than vile, hate-filled, vapid, ignorant sheep like Barb.


2 responses to “Crazy post lady stinking up Pharyngula…crazy similar people stinking up our lives

  1. You say 10 commandments, but which 10?
    If you cull all different versions together, you end up with something like 15 different commandments. I’d like to see the religious clear that up first …

  2. Well, Barb has indeed been tossed into the dungeon.

    It is truly astonishing how some people will spare no effort to prove beyond reason that they have brain damage and that their mind is set like cement.

    I don’t recall exactly how he put it, but Mark Twain said something to the effect of “He should have shut his mouth and settled for being thought of as a fool. But he opened his mouth and removed all doubt.” That statement definitely applies here.