Lost liveblog – episode 506 – SPOILERS

So I didn’t watch Lost last night, so this isn’t exactly “live” but I’m posting this as I’m watching it online now. So times will be as per the time index of the show in minutes and not the time of day I watched it (like my last post). Note that I watched without commercials.



4:48 – Ok so they purposely showed Kate and Hurley on the island with Jack to let us know that they do get back somehow. At first I thought this was a flashback, but I guess maybe they shot it that way on purpose.

5:30 – Hmmm…an array of numbers with cardinal directions on them. Weren’t the numbers a set of 6? [Quick Google search] Aha: 4 8 15 16 23 42. The numbers needed for coordinates in 3 dimensions… I dunno if that’s relevant.

6:24 – WHY do any of them ask Ben questions EVER? “Did you know about this?” “No.” And what information have we learned. He is either lying or telling a truth we can’t trust anyway.

9:59 – Ok so now we’re up to ignoring everything Ben, Mr. Whitmore, and Mrs. Hawking say. Quite a list we’ve got on the go here, none of it helpful to thw viewer trying to figure this out – and likely intentionally misleading.

10:06 – And Desmond quits the island for the, what are we up to? 52nd time.

11:17 – “You need to recreate…the circumstances that brought you [to the island] in the first place.” WHY though? Because the plot requires it…uh oh, starting to get bored.

13:01 – And the Jesusification of Locke is complete in 3…2…

13:50 – Ok I don’t get this “recreate the cicumstances” thing one little bit. What difference would it make? EXPLAIN. I’m getting sick of this cryptic bullshit. “Stop thinking how ridiculous this is” – bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – That was the writers telling me to shut the fuck.

14:27 – More “faith” BS…I don’t like where this is going one little bit.

15:47 – And Christian religious quotes? After the meeting in a church? Um…

18:06 – Who the fuck is Ray?

18:56 – Oh.

21:12 – Why do people never turn on lights to investigate strange noises in their homes?

22:11 – You know what I hate most about this show sometimes? When someone says “nevermind” and/or “don’t ask questions” rather than just answering the question.

24:52 – I get a sick satisfaction upon seeing Ben’s battered face and hearing his quivering voice.

25:52 – Ok, she’s creepy…

26:07 – Ok something is going to go squirrely here, because it’s Lost. So guessing now that the girl is up to something (then agin she’s Ben’s friend so maybe she’s just weird). Hmmm, was Kate involved in what happened to Ben?

28:18 – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? NEVER not read a note given to you by some guy with magic powers that was stuck with you on some weird island that had it’s own smoke monster. If you are ever in this situation, you READ THE LETTER. Someone’s finding that later and Jack will be all “aaaawwww, why didn’t I read that?”

28:56 – Who’s this guy with the amazing hearing?

30:12 – Looks like Sayid was “randomly selected” for screening. Bahaha, I slay me.

31:01 – Aw. I love Hurley. Though I worry about his cholesterol…

31:56 – Ah yes. Recreate the conditions. How lucky for us that Sayid was doing illegal things to get arrested and escorted on the very plane needed to replicate Kate’s initial situation from the crash. But again. WHY?

32:16 – Ok Kate made a very valid point earlier about sensible island shoes. So why are they all still wearing very not-island-sensible clothes on the plane now? Jack is in a suit again. The conditions have to be down to clothes? If so, kate isn’t wearing the right thing anyway. Sigh. Stupid cryptic nonsense rules. And Ben wasn’t on that plane. He’s an other. Does that throw things off?

33:20 – Bahahaha, the letter. I knew that would turn up. This time you better read it.

33:46 – Exactly what I was thinking, you selfish bastards. Will they get stuck in time and become others? Haha. Too far. Although, I’m watching Lost…

34:30 – No really, why is a prisoner being escorted to Guam?

38:04 – Apparently one incident now constitutes a pattern – in Jack’s twisted little mind, anyway.

39:23 – “I wish you had believed in me.” You miserable bastard.

39:47 – Imagine that. Amazing hearing guy is on the very same plane. Extras don’t get lines for nothing. Red shirt or new character? PS, where’s Desmond?

I hope my times weren’t too off. I was watching clips so I had to extrapolate.

Ok so they get back and what did we find out? Still nothing. I still don’t know who the Dharma Initiative really is. I still don’t know what the smoke monster is. Where the hell is Claire? Why is Jack’s dad talking to people? Etc Etc.


It really sounds like I hate this show……….maybe this was just a bad episode, because usually I like it. Although I haven’t been particularly impressed all season.


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