What This Headline Should Have Read Part Deux

Ah imdb.com. No shortage of craptacular news.

Hilton Blamed For Chihuahua Epidemic
12 February 2009 8:35 AM, PST

Paris Hilton has been blamed for an epidemic of abandoned Chihuahuas in California animal shelters – because she’s made toting around the pups in tiny handbags a major trend. The hotel heiress was investigated last year after admitting she owned 17 dogs, allegedly breaking U.S. laws that ban non-breeders from having more than three per address. Animal shelter bosses in Santa Barbara have now banned anyone under 21 from adopting a miniature pup, after seeing a growing trend of young women dumping their full grown dogs when they’re sick of caring for them. And activists are blaming Hilton’s menagerie of tiny animals for the problem. Chihuahua Club of America head Lynnie Bunten tells the National Enquirer, “Chihuahuas are not a toy or a fashion accessory. But because some people think they are – then realise they’re wrong – there’s a growing problem of abandoned Chihuahuas.”

This is bullshit. On what planet is anyone responsible for what other adults do to copy an observed behaviour? Well OJ killed his wife so I killed my wife. I thought it was the trend, so it’s totally his fault. Punish him more. Ok that’s a ridiculous example. But, however much I think Paris Hilton is a vapid attention-whore, I do think she gets the shit kicked out of her in the media for no good reason. This is not her fault.

This headline should have read: Activists are retarded. Here is yet another example.

You know who is responsible for this behaviour? THE PEOPLE DOING IT. She can’t help if people see what she’s doing and omfghavetodoittoo!!! If pet abandonment is a problem that is going to be solved, the productive thing to do is target the individuals committing the “offense” with education, etc. It does no good to say “We have an abandoned dog problem. Paris Hilton tends to carry dogs around and has too many animals. Get her!” How does that help the dogs? Non sequitur much?

I don’t blame Paris Hilton. I blame all the vapid whores in California who think dogs are charm bracelet attachments. And I blame California “activists” for typically managing to cloud issues with garbage and help no one.


3 responses to “What This Headline Should Have Read Part Deux

  1. ugh, i’m with you. one of my pet peeves is this tendency of society in general to hand out blame when stuff like this comes up. I’m all for trying to figure out human behaviour, but personal accountability shouldn’t be lost in the process.

  2. Well, on the one hand, Hilton CAN be admonished for treating a dog with about as much emotional attachment as a bracelet or a handbag….that’s bullshitty behavior from a bullshitty mega-whore.

    But by and large, I agree. It’s more celebrity worship taken to an especially macabre tone.

    I, however think that the title should read, “What the fuck is wrong with Californian Women???”

  3. @ steve: good one