Info for fellow pissed-off Canadians

Below the fold is a series of addresses for city and university newspapers in Victoria and Halifax – so far the only cities to let people be huge dicks about the atheist bus ads. I’ve also included the addresses to the local transit companies.

Feel free to send a letter (even if you don’t live there) or to any university paper near you – they’ll print anything.

Please see this post for the addresses and phone numbers to the people who refused the ad. Lori Patterson has reportedly said she’s only received calls against running the ads. Let us rectify that.

You can also write the following papers:
The Gazette (Dalhousie university student paper)
The Chronicle Herald
The Metro – Halifax (free paper)
The Coast (free paper)

BC Transit
Translink (in particular, Judy Rudin)

The Victoria Times Colonist
The Metro – Vancouver (free paper)
The Martlet (U of V student paper)


One response to “Info for fellow pissed-off Canadians

  1. I’m pro atheist bus ads. We need more of them everywhere. I wouldn’t figure Canada wouldn’t be as bad as the southern US.