Sometimes I just can’t believe our species is this dumb

So apparently when a million or more people watch something, and 18 people complain, that’s enough to set off a huge investigation that wastes a bunch of time and money. Ok then. So even though we live in a society where majority rules in terms of deciding things (such as elections), the minority of people (those who get a case of the vapors upon hearing the word “shit” on a news show) get to decide who gets fined for what on TV and gets to determine what we should all think is “offensive”. Riiiiight…


2 responses to “Sometimes I just can’t believe our species is this dumb

  1. I am with you… that is lame beyone lame.

  2. Totally agree with you here, Kimbo! Way too often a noisy minority creates policy for the rest of us. Too bad Carlin and Zappa aren’t here to stand up for us.