Video of the Week – nominate a video for a Streamy

Go vote for your favorite web series at Some suggestions to check out:
The Guild (comedy series)
Why do People Laugh At Creationists? (educational – reality)
Edward Current (hosted)

They can be nominated for best show, best host, best whatever…

If anyone bothers to read this thing, let us know about some shows you like in the comments.


2 responses to “Video of the Week – nominate a video for a Streamy

  1. I think you mean to link to, what with being nothing but search-engine optimization stoogery.

    When trying to find the actual website, I accidentally googled “s” into The first website that popped up was for Tim Hortons, thus proving that no matter what I ever set out to do, I always end up at Tim’s.

    I have a suspicion that as far as these awards go, “Dr. Horrible” (meeting exactly the minimum requirements for consideration) will clean up.

  2. Thanks for the head’s up about the link! Fixed now.