Possible forced vacation from blogging

I will be away for school with possibly spotty internet for the next 2 months. So blogging might slow down a bit on the site. Mojo may continue to write some posts, and whenever I can get a hold of a dial-up – *gag, sputter* sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little bit – connection – gghuurul, no I’m good – I’ll write some posts. If I can get the internet, though, you’ll see me next week with some more lighthearted fare (I promise not to mention Christmas unless I really, really have to) and you can disregard this note.


3 responses to “Possible forced vacation from blogging

  1. Aww! I hope your travel goes well :-)

  2. /fingers crossed

  3. You know, when I was in Halifax, I was amazed to see steam-powered internet….using actual tubes!

    I will continue to leave snarky and inappropriate notes in your comments section.