War on the holidays

I have a somewhat amusing anecdote to share. Mojo was speaking to a coworker one day who noted that Tim Horton’s had made the change from their regular brown cup to their usual December seasonal cups. Moderate hilarity ensued.

For you American readers, Tim Horton’s is a popular coffee shop in Canada. Well, popular isn’t the word. Here in Atlantic Canada it pretty much has the monopoly on bad coffee and stale donuts – that’s right, I went there. Anyway, below are pictures of the regular brown cup (left) and the seasonal cup (right).

So where were we? Ah yes, Mojo sees a coworker with this cup. Paraphrasing for gist purposes…

Coworker: “Look. Tim Horton’s has their Christmas cups out.”

Mojo (facetiously): “Are you sure their not ‘holiday’ cups?”

[They look at the cup and there are two happy snowmen sharing some coffee. Not a single mention of Christmas.]

Coworker: “Gah, you’re right. Stupid holiday cups.”

What strikes me as funny during this conversation, is that the person interpreted the cup as a Christmas cup in the first place and was happy with it. It wasn’t until someone poked fun at the War on Christmas that he even noticed that it was a “holiday” cup. So it’s not like average people are independently picking up “holiday” things and immediately feeling unbridled rage to the likes of Papa Bear O’Reilly because it doesn’t have “Christmas” all over it.

Why? Context! It’s Christmas, so he called it a Christmas cup. So what is the problem with “holiday” items? Apparently nothing.

My sample size of 1 is, of course, limited. But if the War on Christmas folks (i.e., the Papa Bear types) hadn’t started this “you should be pissed about this tiny insignificant cup” attitude, would he even have cared when Mojo pointed out that it was a “holiday” cup?


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