Mojo’s first post

Mojo has made his first post over at Nerdgasmx. I have cross-posted some of it here with a link to the rest after the fold.

Hello there!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my very first entry in the already overcrowded series of tubes that is the blogosphere. And thanks again to Kim for letting me share her piece of cyberspace pie that is Nergasmx/Skeptigirl. I hope to live up to her expectations and hopefully entertain or enlighten you folks with my various witty observations and/or serious commentaries.

I share many things with Kim: Food, an apartment, a life. I also share her passionate stance on subjects like the separation of church and state, anti-intellectualism in the media and the discrimination of atheists by mainstream society. In addition, we both share a fondness for video games, science fiction, cartoons and comics. Hopefully Nerdgasmx can provide a small portion of comic relief from the more serious topics devoted to Skeptigirl (to which I may also feel inclined to add from time to time).

As a means of getting to know me better and making a good first impression (sometimes those two are mutually exclusive!), I thought an appropriate topic would be a 581 part series about famous nerds you should respect. People like to say nerds do get a lot of respect these days but we all know we still get made fun of. Hopefully this series will serve to make us all more proud to be nerds!

Read the rest of this post over at Nerdgasmx!


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