Sarah Palin is a bucket of crazy

It’s a busy week in the land of crazy. This time Sarah Palin managed to make herself look even more ridiculous by pardoning a turkey (video below the fold) in some stupid meaningless government ritual to appease the pro-animal types (how condescending is that) followed by an illuminating interview that I’ve also embedded after the fold.

Yeah, drink your coffee and giggle, you vapid nonsensical…can’t even think of an insulting enough noun. The interview she’s giving here is reproduced (much more interestingly framed) in the next video so feel free to skip that part.

Aw, isn’t that cute? She went into a barn full of turkeys and, you betcha golly, “pardoned” one turkey that we conveniently never see again. Then, in the biggest WTF moment I have ever seen, she gives the following interview in front of a guy slaughtering turkeys. [To the sensitive types: The following video depicts the preparation of animals for food production and may be hard on the eyes.]

What. The. Balls.

Ok, so the man behind her has got to be thinking “What do I do here? Do I keep cutting turkeys’ heads off? Are they really going to keep standing here? Alright then.”

Is she even trying to be a politician anymore? Does she feel that invincible? I’m fucking speechless at this point about her complete lack of any sense.

Although I smile a little about how much PETA is going to shit.


2 responses to “Sarah Palin is a bucket of crazy

  1. Is that a Starbucks cup in her hand… not sure why that makes it funnier.

    Will watch (with sounds) when I am not at work entrenched in Palin-lovers (sigh)

  2. Wow… just, wow. My (vegetarian) boyfriend and I just watched that in disbelief! And that guy with the turkey – that’s priceless. Just keeps looking back like he knows it’s against his better judgment to kill the turkey right now, but nobody seems to mind, so…

    And that’s something to be said, when you’re a politician who’s doing something that’s against the better judgment of a turkey-slaughterhouse-dude.