Pamela Anderson is a bucket of crazy

More than a bucket, actually. She officially qualifies as bag of hammers….wet bag of hammers. She recently posted some nonsensical ramblings on her website to make some “suggestions” to Barack Obama after he is officially sworn in as president. Let’s see what gems she came up with, shall we?

The full bit can be found at her official site. Here are some highlights (I did not alter the punctuation or spelling in any way to make her look stupid — she did that all on her own):

Dear Mr. Obama:
My thoughts/hopeful ideas-:
…Jail should be a holding cell for justice and not a lifelong waste of taxpayers money to run a spa for criminals-how does this improve society? Especially when there are real threats to our most precious citizens -our children- in most cases child molesters are walking free. Government must Castrate every molester-or potential molester- error on the safe side- if any child pornography is found in anyone’s possession-or anyone creating such atrocities-or if any child Is brave enough to come forward (at any young age to bring attention to a potential molester- listen) they need to be taken very seriously and see that justice is served-The abuse is way worse than any trial could be- our children need more protection and justice seen. It needs to be PREVENTED not just punished.

Seriously? Castrate potential child molesters even? I don’t know how she would expect the legal system to justify that. She is aware that Minority Report was a movie, right? Not to mention castration doesn’t necessarily work — it gets rid of the balls, but not the urges. Think dogs — castrate them as puppies, no leg humping because no hormonal cues for development; castrate them as adults, leg humping. Furthermore (warning: this is gross), losing the ability to have an erection doesn’t prevent pedophiles from molesting children with their hands or sodomizing them with objects.

So rather than keep them in the “spa” of jail where they can’t molest kids, she’d rather them walk around ball-less and doing other gross things to kids. Mmkay. Which reminds me, I’m not sure what she thinks jail is, but I don’t know too many spas where you can get shanked and raped in the steam room. Unless you have to pay extra for that and have a code word… Anyway (this is anecdotal), my dad used to work in a prison and let’s just say that, for child molesters in particular, it is no vacation.

Bring our Troops home safely- Stop the killing and work with Veterans to secure a peaceful way world wide-using their 1st hand wisdom lovingly across all borders together. It is not a war Economy anymore- obviously-

By gum, I believe she’s got it! We shouldn’t be helping the Afghan people or the Iraqi people defend themselves with military force against terrorists who will indiscriminately blow them up. We should hug the terrorists into submission and stick flowers in their bombs. Fucking brilliant!

Stop all these garbage, wasteful and ineffective ,ancient animal tests (from 80 years ago?)- create a REAL working dedicated and active group of people assigned to this issue- science is suppose to be progressive? We need to get with it- update like Europe has – it’s an embarrassment and nobody wishes this senseless cruelty to go on.

It’s really easy to be against animal research when there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s hypocritical and ignorant to be against animal research when there is something wrong with you and you’ve benefited from that research (ahem — treatments for Hepatitis C).

Also, suggesting that animal research is run now the same way it was run 80 years ago is just stupid. That is simply not true. What’s an embarrassment is the complete lack of foresight into what we would lose without animal research. The scientists who work with these animals have the utmost respect for the animals in their experiments. I should know. I worked in animal research for 5 years helping to make people’s lives better — such applications as anorexia, bulimia, weight control, exercise, anxiety/stress, trauma, and developmental anomalies.

For anyone to assume that what I was doing was “senseless” and purposely “cruel” is absolutely insulting and presumptuous. All of the things I collaborated on had important behavioural and neurological components that cannot be reproduced with computer models or test tubes. We’re not in the lab laughing maniacally and tossing the animals to and fro. We do what we have to do and in the most humane way possible. In a perfect world, this would not be necessary. But that’s not the world we live in. To assume that researchers are evil is ridiculous. Someone had to do it and if they hadn’t we wouldn’t have vaccines, for example, and a lot of other life-saving treatments.

Perspective. Get some before bombing and threatening people for doing life-saving animal research.

[Here she goes on about how America should adopt a Canadian-style health care system because that would mean everyone could afford prescription drugs all of a sudden. It was long and hard to read so I left it out. Response: Um, no. Many Canadians struggle to pay for their prescriptions.]

Promote vegetarianism-which would help end world hunger-

What the fuck?

More rich, white, ignorant crap. And in what way would eating fewer calories (or requiring greater crop yields to equal the calories otherwise gotten from meat) improve hunger?

Jesus H. Christ, that was one huge pile of suck. Here is my letter to Pamela:

Ms. Anderson,

You are not a scientist. You are not a health care worker. You are a spokesperson for the terrorist organization PETA. You are not qualified to make the suggestions you are making. Your suggestions are vapid, ignorant, anti-constitutional (in some cases), and completely unfeasible.

Shut the fuck up.

Yours truly,
A Canadian Scientist


One response to “Pamela Anderson is a bucket of crazy

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

    I would be happy to see her back-up any of her opinions with actual facts and sources. Everyone has a right o have their say, and luckily, everyone has the right to be ignored.