(war on) Christmas has come early, folks!

Thank you, Skepchick for making my day sooooooooo much better! I’m stressed out with school and I have no clue where I’m going to be on fieldwork for 4 months starting in January (despite that it is now mid-NOVEMBER), but I’m almost not even bitter about any of that anymore because I just read this:

Kevin Trudeau BANNED from making infomercials for 3 years

Tee hee!

And I know it’s horrible to root for a man’s downfall, but if I believed in the concept of “evil”, he would be near the top of a short list. So, I feel no remorse for my feelings. I think his punishment should have been much greater and we don’t take this kind of fraud nearly seriously enough, but this is a start. At least he has at least been slowed down.

To give a bit of history for those who don’t know, Kevin Trudeau is most famous for selling coral calcium to unsuspecting people, having a criminal record for fraud, extensive involvement with the FTC, and most recently his “[X] Cures THEY Don’t Want You to Know About” books (including, natural cures, weight-loss cures, more natural cures, and debt cures) which he sells on infomercials.

This man is a snake. He tries to sell crap to desperate cancer patients, people struggling with weight loss, etc. thereby taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities and gaining a profit from it. What he does is despicable. Particularly as one of his books is designed to be sold to people who are in debt!

A quick search for his name on Google news didn’t turn up much, and didn’t turn up anything from a Canadian paper. I hope this gets more publicized as time goes on, because even though he’s off TV, his books are still at bookstores (I saw some this past Monday, in fact).

It feels good to see people’s interests being defended, even if it’s a relatively tiny fine that’s much smaller than his millions of earnings and he’s only banned for a 3 year period. Score one for the good guys, bitches!


One response to “(war on) Christmas has come early, folks!

  1. While I would prefer that he receive a punishment involving a tazer, a cheesegrater, and a copy of Moby Dick, I have to admit to being pleased to see that he had been nailed again.

    Of course, he’ll just do what he’s done before and come back in some other form. But, nonetheless, this is still nice to hear.