New author, new blog

What could I possibly mean by that cryptic title? [/irony]

More info after the fold.

I have some hobbies other than skepticism (as I mentioned here) and I was thinking of adding that content here. But rather than dilute the blog I currently have, I figured I’d just start a new blog. This new blog is called Nerdgasmx (pronounced “Nerdgasms”).

It would have been just Nerdgasm, but someone has unfortunately taken that to provide the internets with a review of 2005’s Batman Begins. So if anyone should like what they see at my new blog enough to link to it, please be aware of the spelling or a few more people might see what some guy thinks of Batman.

Besides, the letter X has been scientifically proven to make things cooler. So there you go. I’m sure I have a reference for that somewhere… In any case, Nerdgasmx can be found by clicking on the icon on the top left of this blog.

More importantly, there will be a new author on Skeptigirl by the name of Mojo. So, welcome Mojo! Your skeptical ramblings will be much enjoyed by all, I’m sure. And be sure to check out Mojo’s geekier ramblings at Nerdgasmx, as well…if he can stop playing Wrath of the Lich King long enough to post something. :)


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