Halloween fallout

Another Halloween, another round of religious people getting “offended” and demanding apologies. Sigh.


4 responses to “Halloween fallout

  1. Unfortunately, it's getting to that time of year when the War on Christmas is starting.

    We get to hear fun bits about how saying "Happy Holidays!" is evil and terrible.

    I like to make a game out of it. I used to keep a running scoreboard of times when my roommate's made an attack on some religion, to the times I've seen the media make an attack on some religion.

    I stopped when his marks were taking up 75% of the board. <.<

  2. Haha, I just had the very same conversation last night. I was wished a very merry war on Christmas. I think I’ll make those my Christmas cards this year…

  3. That is a kick-ass Halloween costume by Heidi Klum, by the way! Bravo to her.

    Why is it when the Jews say Happy Holidays, it’s cultural sensitivity, but when an atheist says it, it’s a war?

  4. Kimbo Jones

    Another mysteriously deleted comment in the move:

    Kimbo Jones 2008/11/06 at 12:30am

    Because we’re way more evil than they are. :)
    PS… Her costume was awesome!