Stop Sylvia Browne site — Buh? Wha happen?

My current bookmark to Robert Lancaster’s Stop Sylvia Browne website was not working today. I think the last time I was on it was last week, so this change must have been recent — but the link now gives an error saying that the page no longer exists on that server (because I link directly to the articles page). Now when I do a Google search for Stop Sylvia Browne, Google gives me a different page at the same address that I will not link to because it appears to be filled with nonsense. What gives?

Other people have noticed and there’s discussion over at the JREF forums where there is speculation that the page was purchased by one of Sylvia’s children. Unfortunately the change so far appears legal. It’s possible that given the number of weeks Robert has been unable to maintain the site — possibly financially as well — it went delinquent and someone repurchased it.

Robert’s pages can still be found via the Wayback Machine and diligent folks over at the JREF appear to be on top of saving cached articles. And, as the webmaster, he likely has the pages saved somewhere himself.

Meanwhile, as the new Stop Sylvia site appears to be riddled with woo, it might be a good idea to remove links on the skeptic sites until this is sorted out and we can update with the new link (if this site is legitimately owned and not hacked, Robert may have to register a new domain).

UPDATE: Mrs. Lancaster has apparently purchased stopsylviabrown.NET, which she indicates should be up now.

UPDATE: Stop Sylvia is up anew. Note the address change. Browne no longer has the “e” in the previous registered domain so Robert has apparently decided to go with to avoid confusion. This is still a little messy, but we should all link to the same site to increase the Google hits once there is definite consensus. So link to

The online skeptic “community” is doing a great job of getting the word out about the recent development with Robert Lancaster’s site. “Skeptic powers activate!” is no longer a funny little saying for me — we’re actually doing it. Keep up the good work. Make sure these link farmers don’t get any more free links! More info here.



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  1. Cool new logo, I like it.