Fundie Friday

Today’s fundie is:

Name: Children.

Defining Characteristics: Frightening obedience to authority.

Fundie message: Whatever their parents (or other authorities) brainwash them into.

Why dangerous: The future is doomed. If kids are taught to blindly follow authority and not think for themselves, it will be very hard for them to develop into rational thinking adults.

Bottom Line: If parents are going to a protest, they should probably leave the kids at home. Kids are pretty bright, but they don’t have the abstract cognitive capabilities to make sense of what’s going on when two groups of people are yelling obscenities at each other. Kids are generally concrete thinkers and are inclined to trust authority figures. This makes them a vulnerable population. If we taught kids how to think and not what to think, we’d all be better off for not taking advantage of them and raising them to be unthinking sheep who fight with other people who think something else.


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