Pimp my blog

So it occurs to me that people might actually be reading this thing. As such, I was considering taking some time to make this blog actually, you know, “good”. So I will be spending the next few months posting as I regularly do while trying out some new things to add to the blog as regular features in 2009. Such as: stupid media quote of the week/day, what atheist has pissed me off lately (Bill Maher will probably make several appearances), commonly-misunderstood science topics explained, pictures, Fundie Friday, and more.

I also might open topics up to more than skepticism and atheism. In real life I’m quite the nerd (so I’m told), so I may dedicate one day a week to discussing topics like: gaming (e.g., World of Warcraft), sci-fi, comics, astronomy, art, movies, and books.

Basically, I want to move beyond occasional bitching and news reports. Being in grad school full time makes it hard to do articles requiring more than cursory web research. But in January, I start field placements which means virtually no homework. Internet connection? Well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Suffice it to say, I think this blog can be better and come 2009 I hope it will be. And if anyone actually reads this enough to give a crap about what I talk about, I’m open to suggestions.


4 responses to “Pimp my blog

  1. But… but… grad school is life. There is nothing beyond grad school…

    I kid. Yay ambitious! :-)

  2. Got a job for me? I can help!

  3. Hi Kimbo!

    I clicked on your blog via Skepchick’s blog and wanted to say hi :)

    I have been lurking here for a bit and while pimping is always sweet, I love your blog. Being simple and easy to read/follow is a must for newbie bloggers like myself.

    Oh, and I am planning on linking to you at some point soon, just FYI :)


  4. Thanks for the support, Kay! Much appreciated!