"Yeti footprints"! Oh my!

I have a test tomorrow so I don’t really have time to harp on this story of the Japanese finding a “yeti footprint” (pictures here), so I’ll just say this: A partially melted footprint that could have been put there by anything is not evidence of the existence of yetis. I don’t know why this is a difficult concept to grasp, but seriously these people would be surprised how many things have feet and walk around with them — often leaving footprints for idiots to find.

And I like the phrase “a large creature resembling a human or bear” — I think the characteristics of their sample inclusion are a wee bit broad.

Oh and the “yeti footprint” (I refuse to write it without quotation marks) was found by, this is so unexpected, the leader of a yeti-finding project. Mmm hmm. So he’s, like, totally objective to evaluate the origin of a melted, misshapen footprint. Especially since he once saw a yeti himself…at an altitude of 25 000 feet. It’s too bad he never thought to bring a camera on that yeti-finding expedition.

They never seem to remember that…


2 responses to “"Yeti footprints"! Oh my!

  1. One thing I noticed about the pictures on the article which tend to be endemic of these sorts of photo-claims:

    In the picture “comparing” the two footprints, the one presented as the human print has no tape measure beside it, preventing, as usual, any sense of scale. Odds are, the camera was simply farther away from the print in that photo on the right.

    Shocked? I’ll wait a moment for you to try to regain your composure.

  2. Utterly flabbergasted!

    I also noticed the “yeti footprint” appears to be 16 inches long (and it looked melted a bit so the “foot” probably wasn’t that big anyway). I can’t really tell from the ruler, but I assume inches because centimeters would just be ridiculously too small. My own girl feet are about 10 inches without shoes. About 11-12 with shoes — or with big winter Himalayan boots on, probably up to 13 inches (with all the padding, etc).

    So an average to large man with appropriate mountain footwear could have made those footprints no problem, IMO. Although there’s the issue of the apparent “toes” shape and width. Which brings me to…

    The “yeti footprint” was plain-ol’ faked outright and they took a picture of their fakery.

    OR it’s not a footprint at all and we all have a good case of pareidolia going on here.

    Or it’s real. But I’m thinking not. Seeing as how he went on his expedition, SAW a yeti and managed not to get a picture of that but a random footprint instead. If I went on a mission like that, my camera would be glued to my motherfuckin hand.