Our problems are solved!

Stupid? Wanna change that? Then click here for information on an amazing magnet hat that cures you of your stupidity.

No, you know what? I can’t even do this; it’s just too stupid. Magnets? Really? And what does it mean anyway to “increase intelligence” and “boost creativity”? As measured by what?

Are people seriously not aware that MRIs have magnets thousands of times more powerful than any ordinary magnet and people don’t come out of a scan with super magic powers? Are people not aware that electromagnetic fields are blamed for everything from brain cancer to chronic fatigue syndrome? And now completely different nutcases are telling me that carefully applied magnetic fields can cause one part of the brain to behave in ways that make no sense to supersede the incorrectly-identified functioning of the other side?

No, too much. I’ll believe this when I see it.


2 responses to “Our problems are solved!

  1. Gabrielbrawley

    It means that you are smart enough to not buy magnents that make you smart.

  2. Bahaha, I love it!