A little treat

As much as Discovery has been pissing me off lately (Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, anyone?), I have to give them props for coming up with the most inspiring and awesome commercial ever known to mankind. Go check it out and restore your hope for the Earth.

UPDATE: Check out xkcd‘s take.


3 responses to “A little treat

  1. Discovery was here (La Dune) on Thursday filming something for a new nature program. Apparently they had been to the Hopewell rocks the day before. Apart from they arsehole-like behaviour I’m excited to see their take on our ecocenter… ok ok, I admit I just want to see the non-truths or half-truths that they spout off about what with their refusal to have an interp. go with them.

  2. I had a feeling that you were going to link to that commercial.

    If for no other reason than I happen to love it soo friggin much as well.

    I’m very egotistical, you see.

    I recently got the Discovery Channel’s special “When We Left Earth” on blu-ray, and each disk starts with that commercial. And in high-defintion….h’awesome! Even the bristles on Jaime Hyneman’s walrus-stache come out in amazing detail!

  3. Snair: I haven’t had the pleasure of the Eco Center (other than C’s relatively vague wedding horror stories of the place). Is it actually any good? And I know how low people set the bar for Miramichi, so I’m talking objectively good here. :)

    Steve: I wish they’d release more though — with different imagery every time. Getting a bit sick of that same cuttlefish-looking “giant squid” over and over. Like one that’s just about how great and awesome space is. [drool] I can picture it now….