Scheduling stupidity places the US VP debate on the same night as the Canadian debate…sigh

And the difference between the 2 is ASTOUNDING. The American debate has Biden and Palin sticking in the name of their presidential running-mate as often as they can in one sentence. Biden answers the (ridiculously straight-forward and largely non-confrontational) questions while Palin dances around them unchallenged with “down home, how things affect the real people, I’m a straight-talker” non-answers.

The Canadian debate is like a fight. I thought Stephane Dion was going to kick Stephen Harper in the neck (did you click the jump to see a swear? shame on you) at one point. Tough questions, challenging responses (i.e., someone says something and the rest actually DEBATE it), discussion, passion, emotion, answers backed up with some sort of evidence, shaking heads, talking TO each other within the context of an on-going conversation that isn’t framed around an awkward one-at-a-time structure and doesn’t get arbitrarily cut off after a certain number of minutes regardless of the relative importance of the topic ….[droooool]……

I love Canada.

Sometimes things piss me off, and it’s certainly not perfect, but when I look at the alternative… I mean how many people can honestly say they are certain that American’s won’t fall for Palin’s “look how cute and spunky I am” routine? I’m frigging terrified.


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