That is all I have to say to people who complain about this or that movie being “offensive” to whatever sensibilities, patriotism, or religion they possess. It happens all the time, way too often. I hear a new one every week. Just stop it. Stop. You remember that time that movies were fiction unless they were a whole other category of movie called a documentary (and in the Michael Moore age, even then…)? Go to and spend some time. Go. Now.

I’ll conclude with a piece of advice: Let’s all go back to the age of 3 in our minds and remember what it was like to pretend things.

Real life = real.
Movies = pretend, fiction, not real.

Got it? Good.

UPDATE: Someone else thinks this is fucking ridiculous. too.


2 responses to “IT’S A MOVIE!

  1. Hi Kimbo. Just came over from Skepchick to check out your blog. I should say, I agree completely with the premise of this post, but I would also emphasize it the other way. Too many times there are people who watch movies, and think they are getting a history lesson. I have to disagree with you though about the Italian Resistance Members and Spike Lee’s movie. I think it is fine for an organization to put out a press release after Hollywood puts out a movie that biases history or misrepresents some aspect of it. How many people were convinced of conspiracy theories after watching JFK? Just my 2 cents.

  2. Hey hey, thanks for coming on over. As to your points: fair enough.

    I just think people are entirely too sensitive when it comes to the movie industry. And if people go to movies for a history lesson, I think that speaks more to the quality of our education systems than to the movie itself.