Swedish Sea Monster

We finally have definitive proof of sea monsters. A group of intrepid researchers placed cameras at Lake Storsjon to capture the elusive Swedish version of the Loch Ness Monster. Luckily their efforts did not disappoint. We not only have a blurry still-picture of the highest quality, we also have out-of-context low-res video! Holy fucking shit!

What with all the high quality photos and video footage, we skeptics just can’t deny it any longer. I mean look at this picture:

You can see the menace in its eyes and yet a soulful longing for companionship.

And he totally doesn’t look like a small watercraft in a vast expanse of water with no objective size comparison.

Luckily this opportunity hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American mainstream, as NBC will allegedly be covering the story, documenting the hunt for posterity. It’s ok to call it a hunt because although the monster was classified as endangered back in 1986, that ruling was overturned in 2005 due to complaints by a bunch of self-righteous “rationalists” who think only known species deserve to be on endangered lists. Pfft!

One response to “Swedish Sea Monster

  1. Uhhhh, I don’t know WTF that is. I don’t think anyone else can make even a guess without some serious photo enhancing software.