And I thought PETA was bad…well they are, but Fred Phelps is still a hateful bastard.

Remember the Greyhound Bus thing with that guy from Manitoba and how PETA put out that really ridiculous ad? Well now Fred Phelps and his gang of hate-mongering idiots are coming to make things much much worse.

These assholes have a tendency to picket funerals, among other things, that have at least a moderate amount of media coverage so they can get their pictures taken holding signs that say “God Hates Fags” so that everyone will know that they are better than us and gay PEOPLE are evil. Now combine that message of hate and bigotry with a country where gay PEOPLE have equal rights with everyone else and add a slice of funeral for a guy who was decapitated on a bus on top. What do you get? Customs not letting him into the country.

Wait, what? They’re here already and hiding in Manitoba? Fuck. Foiled by Federal Express…

We get it. God hates everyone but you. That’s wonderful. Now fuck off, you hateful motherfuckers.


UPDATE: They chickened out. The media attention beforehand was enough I guess. I applaud the way the community of Westwood pulled together to show support for the family of Tim McLean. If there is a God, I’d like to believe that he’s the kind that approves of wonderful people pulling together in a time of sadness over hate-mongering garbage.


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