Finally a concrete excuse to not watch WWE

The WWE has partnered with Jenny McCarthy’s “charity” called Generation Rescue and, as of this posting, are featuring the charity on the main page of their website. She’s apparently going to appear on the program on 2 August 2008 to “raise awareness”. Sigh. What’s great [sarcasm] about this charity is that they get you with the “You don’t want kids to have autism do you? Do you hate autistic kids or something? Thanks for the donation.” so of course they get money. People want to support research to help prevent and/or treat autism, and that’s great. But what they don’t tell you is that they recommend chelation therapy, tell you not to vaccinate your kids, and claim that taking vitamins can cure your child of autism. Worse, they tell you to distrust your doctor and that science is against everyone because they are in the pocket of Big Pharma.

Yeah, and remember that time they were huge, emotionally-damaged idiots that don’t know what the hell they’re talking about?

Now, the WWE probably doesn’t know what the hell they are doing — they just see “famous person charity” and promote it without question. Or, if they do know that this charity actively and despicably advocates that people not vaccinate their innocent children, they are as guilty and filthy as Jenny McCarthy herself at promoting lies that can cause serious damage to our society.

This is getting seriously out of hand. Autism experts (REPUTABLE ones) need to get out there and start promoting “awareness” that Generation Rescue is a crock and suggest alternative charities that don’t promote dangerous garbage.


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    I wrote about this too.

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