More Expelled: NIA (sick of it yet?)

I wanted to post a link to this letter by Richard Dawkins because I think it is very important that people read it. Especially if you aren’t knowledgeable about the involvement, or lack thereof, of evolution in the Jewish Holocaust.

I find it absolutely appalling that the makers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed have damaged people’s minds the way they have. It is a tragedy that people have to suffer this intellectual assault. However I feel fortunate that they made their movie in a country where speech is free and as much as they are free to spout propaganda, the rest of us are free to try to correct the damage.

Please give the letter a read.

For more on Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed see:

  • Eugenie Scott’s website Expelled Exposed (pay particular attention to the reviews of the movie that are from Christian and “neutral” publications, and what happened to the so-called expelled individuals – all verifiable information)
  • Michael Shermer’s site under the heading “Debunking Expelled
  • The Wikipedia entry on Expelled
  • The Internet Movie Database entry for Expelled
  • PZ Meyers’ various blog entries about Expelled along with a video of an interview on the “Expelled from Expelled” incident with he and Richard Dawkins

I don’t expect that individuals particularly enamored with Expelled and Intelligent Design in general to be convinced by these sources, as many of them are part of “Big Science” and are therefore untrustworthy “evolutionists”. I encourage those people NOT to take the scientists word for it (or my word for it), but don’t take Ben Stein’s word for it either. (If I were popular enough, I’d say I can’t wait for that sentence to appear out of context somewhere, without the bit after the comma. Luckily no one cares what I say…so far.)

The information on everything presented in Expelled is out there to be found for oneself and I hope that people will realize the inherent flaw in deciding to blindly believe one person’s synthesis of events while scoffing at another’s. Do the research and then decide with a free mind what is probably the truth.


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