Montel Williams’ Show CANCELLED

OMG! I just had a skeptic-gasm.

No more free hour-long infomercial for Sylvia Browne’s bullsh*t. No more yearly “predictions” (and by that I mean post-dictions and guesses) aired to millions of unsuspecting people. No more flagrant promotion of garbage on broadcast television. No more of SV’s ugly mug and 30-year-in-the-making smoker’s voice with her nasty, rude, and completely insulting comments to those who are desperate enough to seek her help when they have found no solace elsewhere (as if they’d get it from her – people like her don’t give a sh*t about anybody, except how much they are willing to pay for something they’re selling). And do you know why? ‘Cause that enabling bastard, Montel Williams, is GONE!


Just let me enjoy this for a while without reminding me that she can still write her stupid books and milk people out of 700$/phonecall for a “reading”.

But I’m sure Sylvia saw this coming a mile away… Right? Am I right? [crickets]

PS…Funny how I had the immediate urge to email Robert Lancaster (Stop Sylvia) like I was telling him he’d won a million dollars. But, alas, people who aren’t in school all day got to it before me. :(


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