Welcome to my blog!

I hope I can be both entertaining and informative about things science and paranormal. I’ll be tackling some common issues (evolution vs. creationism vs. ID vs. alternatives), common alleged hucksters (Sylvia Browne, Kevin Trudeau, etc.), common alleged hoaxes (Bigfoot, UFOs, Nessie, ghosts, psychic surgery, etc.), common beliefs/misbeliefs (homeopathy, auras, astrology, paranormal events such as miracles, etc.), and much much more as things come up.

I think it’s important to tackle some of the “old standards”, because even though we skeptics sometimes get tired of saying the same thing over and over again, that’s what it takes to get the word out. So, you may have heard of these things before, but I’ll try to bring something fresh to the mix to make reading about these topics entertaining and fair. Notice the generous use of “alleged” above. I won’t be making wild assumptions or committing logical fallacies (I hope, and call me on it if I do) on this page. There will be no ad hominem attacks here. Every subject will be treated as if I am the first one to investigate it – so, *before* we became all jaded and settled on crying in the corner in the fetal position in utter frustration.

I’ll bring various perspectives to an argument to the mix, not because it’s “fair” to show “both sides” (a logical fallacy – false dichotomy – and also each side doesn’t have equal robustness in their arguments), but because it’s just as important to construct a good argument as it is to deconstruct a bad one.

I think I’ll make the occasional post regarding my experiences as a student [profession deleted] and my encounters in my profession with non-critical thinkers and how that situation was resolved etc. Hopefully you’ll find that enjoyable. I think that will bring in some “real world” perspectives on real issues – particularly on charlatans in medicine and how pervasive non-critical thinking can be in the field.

Anyway, I look forward to this process. It’s my first time tackling a blog. I hope it makes a difference.


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